Testing this out. Written in Ulysses, saved to Working Copy, all on the iPad.


Short update post.

Going in Circles

Today is a good day.

First Post

After reading Troy Hunt’s post (again) and watching his video I created this blog. I’ve created this many, many times before, hopefully I won’t make any switches soon.

Developer Podcasts

Developer Podcasts ScreenShot

Visual Studio On Mac Deploy To Azure Error

I went a little nuts last night trying to deploy a web application to Azure. Debugging my own code is hard enough, but dealing with vendor issues is nearly impossible due to lack of control and insight to the problem.

Cross Platform Mobile Approaches

Book covers

Essential C# 6.0 Chapter 1 Review

Essential C# 6.0 book cover

Who Am I

After reading a lot of articles at John Sonmez and Troy Hunt I realized that I was missing something. Although I have been a developer since the early 80’s, and professionally for the last couple decades, I had no online presence.

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