Who Am I

After reading a lot of articles at John Sonmez and Troy Hunt I realized that I was missing something. Although I have been a developer since the early 80’s, and professionally for the last couple decades, I had no online presence.

I’ve tried to start blogging on and off over the years, but it wasn’t really something that I cared all that much about.

I want to change that.

I need a place where I can document the things I’ve worked out in case I need to refer to them again.

But why should I bother starting now since I missed so many years. Then I asked myself what would I tell a new developer who had just graduated? Would I tell them not to bother? Are all the good posts are already written? There’s always something to add to the conversation even if it just helps me, so I’m giving it another go.

So I found a decent recommendation for Ghost, purchased a domain name I had let expire and connected it all together. There’s a bunch of things I still need to do, like creating a theme and finding a good writing workflow, but it all seems to be working.