Essential C# 6.0 Chapter 1 Review

Essential C# 6.0 book cover

I like to learn things from books. I can go at my own speed, stop if I need to think about something and have it open next to the computer if I need to work something out.

Earlier this year I had the feeling that I should know C# better than I currently do. At my day job we have standardized on C# as the language of choice. For the web application I work on, we are trying to move as much code as possible to C#.

I realized that 99% of the code I write is either:

if (condition) {}


for (;;) {}

There are a whole bunch of language constructs that I just don’t use. So I picked up Essential C# 6.0 by Mark Michaelis and Eric Lippert. I just finished chapter 1 and wanted to jot down my thoughts.

So far I really like this book. I’ve been using C# for maybe 10 years now so I don’t need the basics in detail. Chapter 1 has a good pace that does not bog me down in details and yet has enough detail that I actually read through the entire chapter.

It’s really hard to pick a technical book. At my local Barnes and Noble there are probably 25 books on C#. I picked this book because of the publisher (Addison-Wesley) and because it offered to cover all of the latest version of C#. I’m slightly worried by the size of the book (969 pages) but the type looks a bit big with a lot of white space. I don’t want a book that is just reiterating the Microsoft documentation.

Hopefully I can keep up my reading.