After reading Troy Hunt’s post (again) and watching his video I created this blog. I’ve created this many, many times before, hopefully I won’t make any switches soon.

I’ve tried Ghost, Wordpress, Jekyll, my own. I’ve tried on Linode, Digital Ocean, Azure, GitHub Pages, etc. I keep trying to find the perfect balance between ease of use, price, and control.

Ease of Use —

The easiest system for me to use is Ghost. There aren’t many options in the admin interface (like Wordpress). I can post from any device and from anywhere that I have internet. The default theme looks good.

A big plus - I don’t need to maintain a server. It’s so nice not having to SSH into a server and perform updates.

Price —

Ghost is probably the most expensive way to get a blog. Right now I’m paying $29 per month, mostly because I feel like I’m still testing it out. It looks like I can get the price down to $19 per month if I pay annually. This is still a lot more than running my own VPS (probably $5 per month) or piggy backing off GitHub using GitHub Pages ($7 per month, which I’m already paying).

Control —

I really like control. I want to be able to change how my site looks, add capabilities as I need them, make backups, etc.

But do I need more control than Ghost gives me? I can change the theme there and I’m storing my posts in GitHub anyways. About the only thing I can’t do is add functionality if it requires server side processing. If the time ever comes that I really need that or if Ghost raises their prices or goes out of business, I can easily change hosts anyways.

Right now I’m writing in plaintext files saved in GitHub and sync’d locally to my iPad and MacBook Pro. I probably should make a copy into iCloud Drive for a second online backup. Photos, home videos, source code and writing are my most important items and I like to have two copies online and at least one copy locally. But for now this is working fine.

What do I want to do? —

I’d like to document the things I’m working on, trying out, creating, etc.

This includes

  • ASP.NET web application at my day job
  • iOS apps I make as a hobby
  • Android apps I make as a hobby (though I don’t expect to create any more)
  • Using the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for programming
  • Raspberry Pi for home automation
  • Tech support I do for my family