First Post

After reading Troy Hunt’s post (again) and watching his video I created this blog. I’ve created this many, many times before, hopefully I won’t make any switches soon.

I’ve tried Ghost, Wordpress, Jekyll, my own. I’ve tried on Linode, Digital Ocean, Azure, GitHub Pages, etc. I keep trying to find the perfect balance between ease of use, price, and control.

Ease of Use

The easiest system for me to use is Ghost. There aren’t many options in the admin interface (like Wordpress). I can post from any device and from anywhere that I have internet. The default theme looks good.

A big plus - I don’t need to maintain a server. It’s so nice not having to SSH into a server and perform updates.


Ghost is probably the most expensive way to get a blog. Right now I’m paying $29 per month, mostly because I feel like I’m still testing it out. It looks like I can get the price down to $19 per month if I pay annually. This is still a lot more than running my own VPS (probably $5 per month) or piggy backing off GitHub using GitHub Pages ($7 per month, which I’m already paying).


I really like control. I want to be able to change how my site looks, add capabilities as I need them, make backups, etc.

But do I need more control than Ghost gives me? I can change the theme there and I’m storing my posts in GitHub anyways. About the only thing I can’t do is add functionality if it requires server side processing. If the time ever comes that I really need that or if Ghost raises their prices or goes out of business, I can easily change hosts anyways.

Right now I’m writing in plaintext files saved in GitHub and sync’d locally to my iPad and MacBook Pro. I probably should make a copy into iCloud Drive for a second online backup. Photos, home videos, source code and writing are my most important items and I like to have two copies online and at least one copy locally. But for now this is working fine.

What do I want to do?

I’d like to document the things I’m working on, trying out, creating, etc.

This includes

  • ASP.NET web application at my day job
  • iOS apps I make as a hobby
  • Android apps I make as a hobby (though I don’t expect to create any more)
  • Using the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for programming
  • Raspberry Pi for home automation
  • Tech support I do for my family