Going in Circles

Today is a good day.

I have all Apple devices right now and I really like my setup. I’m using an iPhone 6s+, a 12.9” iPad Pro 2, and a 2011 15” MacBook Pro.

Things are stable for the minute so it makes sense to describe my messed up thought process where I constantly change my setup.

Phase One

Start with phone, laptop, tablet, etc. all made by Apple.

Since I’m a software developer and all Apple I might as well make apps for the platform.

If I’m going to make apps for the platform I should start following all the various iOS developers, Apple bloggers, etc.

After a couple of hours or days, I’ll eventually get tired of all the hubris coming from Apple and its fans.

Phase Two

Start moving everything to my Android phone and my Thinkpad running Windows. Much to the dismay of my family.

Side note: my family is all iOS and when I move to Android they are all annoyed that text messages won’t make it to my new phone. Apple claims there’s a way to disable iMessage but it doesn’t work. I’ll still appear “blue” to my family for hours and even days after switching, even after following their instructions. Any group message I’m in never changes from blue to green.

Getting everything setup on Android and my Windows laptop. This involves wiping the devices and starting from scratch. I evaluate each and every app I need to install to make sure it works well and is the best app I can find.

Phase Three

However, my Thinkpad is rather old and I mostly sit at my desk all day so after a few days I end up switching to my big, fast desktop computer also running Windows. It’s great to have all the power and drive space a desktop allows. I also have a much bigger screen and a real keyboard. I continue to use the same mouse with both laptops and desktop.

A few more days will go by and I’ll start to get claustrophobic about all the wires and assorted gear that goes along with using a company provided laptop for my day job and a big desktop for my side projects.

It’s also not very fun using iCloud based calendar, contacts, etc. from Windows. In order to gain the best experience on each platform I really should use their native cloud systems. However, moving from iCloud to Google or Microsoft is a huge pain.

I also change my podcasts to be more cross platform focused and start following Google and Microsoft developers.

Phase Four

Eventually I start thinking that I should just use the best phone and computer that I have available to me. That happens to be the iPhone 6s+ and the MacBook Pro.

So I switch back to all Apple devices. And then I’m back to square one.

One of the things I’m hoping the new iPad Pro will help with is breaking the cycle. Changing all the time is not very productive and it annoys my family a lot.

What an age that we live in that I have the luxury of making these changes.